The simplest way
to address and print
envelopes on the Mac

Simple Envelope is currently undergoing an update and will be available again later in the year.

What is Simple Envelope?

Simple Envelope is an application to print envelopes on a Mac. Simple Envelope connects to the Mac Address Book to print a single address or an entire list. You can search existing contacts or add a new one, customize fonts and add images. It couldn't be simpler.

See it in action

Use your existing address records or create a new one

Simple Envelope lets you quickly search your address book or simply type or paste in a delivery address. It's the simplest and fastest way to address an envelope on the Mac.

Print a single envelope or entire batches

Quickly print a single envelope or build custom lists. Since Simple Envelope works directly with your Mac Address Book you have rich sorting options at your finger tips.

Print any size of envelope

Simple Envelope makes it easy to change envelope sizes and automatically adjusts return and delivery address locations on the envelope. If you have a custom envelope, Simple Envelope gives you the control to adjust the size and location of any element.

Customize fonts and images

Whether it is adding your company's logo or selecting a custom font, Simple Envelope has you covered. You can change any font property for any portion of an address as well as easily drag and drop images directly onto the envelope as well as adjust margins to allow for pre-printed logos.

Use it in your country

Simple Envelope is localized into English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese. More languages are added frequently. Simple Envelope handles most international postal requirements including barcodes and address appearance.